Anica Lewis (anicalewis) wrote,
Anica Lewis

Talking Teen Lit at the Library

Last month, I got to host the first meeting of our library's new Teen Lit Book Group! I was psyched, and also nervous, because this group was my idea and it was going to be super fun, unless no one showed up.

But people did! The group is open to both teens and adults - anyone who wants to talk about YA books. We had five teens and one adult, myself not include, for this first discussion, which centered on Divergent by Veronica Roth.

It was a blast. The group had a lot to say. People talked about which faction they would join (and which they would never join), what parts of the premise seemed more and less realistic, what they thought of relationships in the book, and more. We looked at Slate's analysis of the book's most common sentences and adjectives as compared to those of other popular YA books. We did a faction quiz, laughing about how obviously some answers were tied to specific factions. At the end, we voted unanimously on our next book to discuss: The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

So, good times. As a writer of YA and MG books, I feel especially lucky to get to hear the thoughts of avid readers of YA. And as a fan of book groups, I'm thrilled to finally be in one again! (One sneaky motivation for me to start this group is the fact that all the local book groups I've seen meet while I'm at work. WELL THEN I'LL JUST START A BOOK GROUP THAT I CAN RUN WHILE ON THE CLOCK. I love my job.)
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