Anica Lewis (anicalewis) wrote,
Anica Lewis

Oh, Internets

So today, while reading Zoë Marriott's blog, I realized two things:

  1. Zoë Marriott does not look the way I have always pictured her, which is, I suddenly realize, like Zoë from Firefly. Now it makes sense! I was like, "Why did I just assume she looked like that?" But obviously it is a mystical Zoë connection.

  2. Zoë Marriott has made a Pinterest board of images that inspire her in the planning of a story she has in mind, and this is THE BEST IDEA EVER. I only recently joined Pinterest, or else I like to think this might have occurred to me already, but: BRILLIANCE.

My only concern about this latter point (I can't say I feel concerns about the former point - Zoë Marriott is allowed to look like or not look like any science fiction character she pleases) is the dubious legality of posting many images on Pinterest. Legality and ethics, actually - even if people couldn't make a legal case over it, I do think the creator of an image should be able to choose how that image is used. My impression is that a vast number of the images appearing on Pinterest appear there without permission and do not properly credit their creators. I would hate to contribute to that. On the other hand, I feel it would be very difficult to create such an inspiration board entirely out of images that are explicitly pinnable as per their creators.

Anyone have thoughts about this? Good places to find images that can be legally and ethically stuck on one's Pinterest board? Thoughts on the questions of legality and ethics involved? I figure that if I were to make such a board just for myself, and not share it with anyone, I'd feel a lot less squirmy about including whatever images I wanted. But if I were to, say, link to it on my blog, I'd want to be absolutely sure that every image on it could legitimately be there. Opinions?

On a different note, it seems like everyone's linking to this (AS THEY SHOULD BE), but if you haven't seen the article "We Have Always Fought", check it out. Funny, readable, hard-hitting, and true.
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