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You Know, That Thing I Do That Isn't Writing . . .

I've been reading a lot. This is notable partly because I haven't had much time to read in the recent past, and partly because I'm reading nonfiction, which I rarely do except for very specific little bits that are research for writing. At the moment, I'm researching a different kind of writing: a paper for class, accompanied by a presentation, which I am thrilled to be doing on David Bowie. Thus, I've been marinating in biography for days.

This means, sadly, that I've had little chance to write. I know what the next step needs to be in The Dogwatchers, but I'm having some plot issues that are inextricably tangled with a dead rat. Funny, the way plots work sometimes. There are two scenes I really need to add, and I so far have a plot which goes as follows:

*Plot skips merrily along* Death of rat *Plot dusts itself off and continues skipping* Action C, a consequence to action B, which is a consequence of action A, and must be completed while dead rat is still moderately fresh.

You may notice a problem in the absence of actions A and B. I am currently almost as far as action C, but just realized that I really need B in there to justify C (which I earlier thought would be all right on its own), and I need A to happen for B to happen. Thus, I need to try to insert actions A and B during the plot's initial skipping, because - convenient though it might be - I just don't think they can happen while the dead rat lies there, mouldering. It amuses me no end to have this strange limitation.

I had a short story idea the other day, too, so we'll see whether that goes anywhere. At any rate, not much to report this week, but I did put some thought into The Dogwatchers today, and hope to get back on it tonight or soon after.
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