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Even on a Slow Week for Writing . . .

. . . I do get some things done!

I just finished printing a short fiction and a nonfiction piece to enter into two of five writing contests for students here (the other three concern plays and poetry). My entire Advanced Fiction class has been more or less pressured to enter by our professor. It's a good thing; we really have no excuse not to! We've all got the work lying around anyway! Still, it means stiff competition. WordShop, too, has notified members of the contest. My freshman year, I won the fiction contest (the Tiberius Graccus Jones award then; that name is now on the nonfiction contest). So it - well, I don't want to say "it can be done," both because that's obvious inasmuch as someone has to win, and because the "it" in question is really a different contest now in terms of entries and probably also judges - but it could theoretically be done by a person who was, to some greater or lesser extent, me. Even if it's someone else in my class (at least one other of whom won one of these awards before), that would be quite cool.

Besides that, I really didn't get a lot of writing done this week. I did a bit of editing and also some worldbuilding, and I made two unsatisfying attempts to restart my last story from the point of view of a more-active character. I love the character; I think I'm just choosing the wrong jumping-off point for the story. Anyway, I have another sort of rough story idea I'd like to work on, so I may give the first one a rest for awhile. If nothing else, working on that story has allowed me to build the kingdom in which it takes place to a greater level of detail. I now know how their rulers and other members of the royal family write their official signatures. :P For what it's worth.

Our Advanced Fiction class this week encountered more inactive protagonists, though thankfully not mine this time. Funnily enough, the same person who took so long to realize and accept that my last story was fantasy was the most adamant that one of this week's stories did not contain a supernatural element that it claimed, in plain language, that a character had.

"It never occurred to me that he could really have telekinesis," she said. "I just assumed from the beginning that it was a metaphor."

"You resist fantasy!" I told her.

"You know, I do!" she said.

To be fair, in this case, she was right. Still, one wonders how to show some people that a story actually is fantasy . . .

But anyway, regarding the inactive protagonists: it's an easier trap to fall into than I once thought. Our professor has prescribed antagonists to motivate our protagonists, many of whom could be said to struggle against their worlds, to the extent that they really struggle at all. He hasn't required that we write antagonists into our next works, but I'd like to try. We'll see how that goes!

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