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I have finished my current edit of The Dogwatchers!

I've put some thought into my next writing project, which I hope to start soon. I'm slightly intimidated, but excited, by a few differences I foresee between this story and those I've written already:

  1. It will, I think, be a young adult book, rather than a middle-grade one. Dragons Over London was maybe YA, but otherwise, my writing's been pretty solidly MG.

  2. It will be set in a different continent of my world than the other stories, which were all set in different countries on the same continent. (Except for Dragons Over London, which is set mostly in contemporary Britain.)

  3. I'm more aware than I have been before starting any other project of the fact that this story will touch on some Issues. Not issues in the traditional YA sense of Abuse! Drugs! Pregnancy! Gangs!, but mostly in the sense of identity.

So yes, most exciting!
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