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Have I mentioned how awesome libraries are? And, specifically, our library? And working therein?

Well, if you haven't got the idea yet, here is the Facebook page I've made for the library. It has an album designed as a photo tour of the new building. Isn't it shiny and fantabulous?

Also, officially the most fun thing ever: turning books face-out on the shelves. At our old library, you couldn't even think about doing this. We were so short on room that you were lucky if you didn't have to shelve books horizontally on top of other books. Here, most of the shelves are half-empty, so I can go around picking out cool ones to turn sideways. These often go out right away - I've noticed this with several sections, including teen, children's, large print, and science fiction. The fact that it apparently has an effect just makes doing it even more fun.

Possibly I am a dork.
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