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New Website!

I am MOST EXCITED to announce that I have changed my website! It's at the same address - - and, with her permission, I used some of the code Becky wrote for the old site. This one is, I think, a bit clearer visually. Also, my old site committed what I understand to be a cardinal sin for writers' websites: it didn't have a way to contact me. This one fixes that problem. So, huzzah!

(I'm especially proud of this because I wrote or adjusted a lot of the code on the new site, rather than blindly copying it. I certainly still used some trial-and-error, but a few months ago, I would have had no idea where to start.)

(Also, I like the header image, even if it is a bit silly. The little dazzle effect makes it for me. I did that in GIMP - thanks again, Becky!)

I've checked the site in Firefox and Safari, and it seemed to display fine, but if any of you guys are using Explorer or something else and could glance at the site for me, that would be super. (Even if you're using Firefox or Safari, actually, it would be great to know it works on different computers.) Thanks!
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