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New Life Skill!

Making book trailers is absolutely a life skill! I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, I have created my first book trailer! It is not for any book of mine, but part of a presentation for my Young Adult Litearture and Related Materials class. Because we were encouraged to do our presentations on books we had not read, I ended up with Flyy Girl, which is urban literature. This is not, as my friends might guess, My Cup of Tea. Strictly speaking, I don't even like tea, but prefer a nice foamy cocoa, while "street lit" is, mood-wise, somewhat more akin to a mug of blood-spattered gravel.

(I'm not even talking quality here so much as grittiness. Although if you're looking for quality writing, there are still - cough - a few - books I would recommend before Flyy Girl.)

But I'm not here to bash anyone's writing, and I had a great time making the book trailer. Here it is!

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