April 1st, 2010


Rant Ahead - Ye Be Warned

You may remember that I had an opportunity back in October to send Rabbit and Cougar to be read by a publisher. Since illness had made Karen Lotz of Candlewick Press miss the James River Writers conference, and she'd been scheduled for a bunch of pitch sessions, she said she would read the manuscripts of all of the people whose sessions she missed, which included me. I was assured - though I found it almost too good to be true - that this meant she would read the whole manuscript.

Highly exciting. While I had, of course, made every part of Rabbit and Cougar as good as I felt I could make it, I still think the beginning is not the best part, and I loved the idea that a publisher was going to read the whole book and see the best of the story.

Yesterday, my mom called to say I'd gotten an "unfortunately, pretty flat" envelope from Candlewick. I asked her to open it, and she did, and read the letter aloud over the phone.

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