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In Which the Madness Comes to an End . . . for Now

I have made acorn cakes!

"Cakes" is the best word I can think of to use. It reflects, incidentally, one of the only actual changes this experience has led me to make in Rabbit and Cougar - I changed the name of the nut "scones" they had, which seems now highly unlikely to me, to the more ambiguous and certainly possible, "cakes."

My acorn flour yield was about one and a quarter cups. It dried coarser than I'd thought, but usable. The recipe I used - basically made up in the moment - was the following:

1.25 cups acorn flour
1 tbsp canola oil (Rabbit's family would have access to seed and vegetable oils)
2 eggs
1 tbsp milk (the milk they have is more like goat milk than cow milk, but I didn't have access to that)
2 tsp honey, plus more to serve with

I buttered a skillet (my friendly neighborhood Internet assures me that goat milk can be made into butter), mushed the flour into small patties, and fried them a little on each side.

It is worth noting here that nut flour has no gluten, so it does not rise and is difficult to make stick together. I knew this. It is part of why I had to prove to myself that food of some type could theoretically be made with nut flour alone.

How to describe the acorn cakes . . . Well, when they were cooking, they smelled eggy. During and after cooking, they resembled nothing so much as tiny hamburgers. Indeed, when my parents and I ate some of them, their texture was extremely hamburger-like, though their taste was somewhere vaguely between egg, honey, nut, and Rice Crispy treat.

I discovered, rather unfortunately, this morning, that my acorn cakes seem to be one of those foods that are all right when eaten warm, but pretty unappetizing once cooled. And here I'd thought they'd make a great breakfast food, being as they are a strange compromise between biscuit, egg, and meatless sausage.

All in all, a pretty successful first try! I'm quite pleased with the few minor changes I ended up making to Rabbit and Cougar thanks to this experiment.

Don't they look like burgers?

Mmm, acorn cake.

Worthy of note: passing the kitchen table today, I saw a note NOT WRITTEN BY MYSELF that read simply, cattail flour? I fear I have infected my family.

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