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Scene Two

. . . or our second scene, at any rate. My creative writing professor assigned a scene with much more inherent comedy value, or at least better comedic possibilities. The lead guitarist of a blues band is going to his girlfriend's apartment to tell her that - oops! - he lost a hand of poker while using her photo and phone number as an I.O.U. (He thought he had a good hand, and was out of money; while shaking out his wallet for sympathy, he accidentally dropped her photo, and another player said he would accept it and her number instead.)

So that was fun! I got to write humorously, and set the piece in the real, modern-day world, unusual for me. The viewpoint was a new kind (a little older and more jaded, a little more swearing, a little more risqué) - a type which I may not use much in the actual novels I write, but it's always nice to learn a new way to work. I feel my techniques stretching and becoming more varied. :) And even if I never make a character like Razor (yep, that's his name) as a point-of-view character, I may have better insight into the motivation of the next older, jaded, swearing, risqué side character. Hooray for broadening and deepening my abilities!

Of course, the weekly prompts do hinder my ability to write other things by taking up my time (as do other various things, including applications for money to help me pay for graduate school in . . . writing). As if to taunt me still further (and yet delighting me), my Russian Myths and Legends class continues to give me fascinating insight into a non-British medieval world.

WordShop, our on-campus writers' group, met tonight. Last week, I read a short story there, which went well. This week, we dispersed with a possible prompt for the next formal meeting: fanfiction. (Which, to be fair, is not so much a prompt as an entire genre.) I do not write fanfiction. Its existence makes me giggle - a rather happy giggle, but not a "I want to be part of this" sort of giggle, largely because I love my original characters so much. Well, actually, okay, I did write fanfiction one time. One time. It was three o'clock in the morning, and, while watching a movie, I wrote sappy Zelda slash. Go me.

. . . of course, I probably don't have time to write on this prompt, anyhow. But still, the idea of possibly writing Chrestomanci fanfiction is almost irresistible . . .

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