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The Future Looks Bookish

In the process of submitting more short stories to more magazines, I have discovered a few additional search engines for writing markets: Ralan's Webstravaganza and Quintamid.

So! Having been rejected from all eleven Creative Writing MFA programs to which I applied, I'm now looking at Masters programs in Library Science. I've always been passionate about libraries - I have been known to hug them, and the Williamsburg Regional Library is pretty much the love of my life - and I loved working at the Farmville-Prince Edward Community Library. Not only can I enthusiastically and knowledgeably push books and learning on people, I have to love a job where you're not selling anything. You're not taking people's money, so you can recommend books without feeling like you're being a pushy salesperson - and if they don't want the book(s) you recommend, it's no loss to you. Letting people take books home for free - what part of that isn't awesome?

My long-term career hope is still to be a creative writing professor, which would of course mean taking the MFA later. (Unless, you know, I become a fabulously successful and well-known writer in the meantime.) I love the workshop environment, believe I'd be a good professor, and think it's a pretty awesome job. Still, I'd be happy to work in a library for awhile. Even if "awhile" ends up being a long time, I think it's a job I'd do well and enjoy.

Soon, I should be posting an update on the Exceedingly Nerdy Writing Project on which I'm working. (Or, "Next time - pie charts!")

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